Thinking Smart…before your workouts start

Hitters Tip of the Week

Working “SMART” is one of your keys to ongoing success.

The more time you commit to the following two  keys,  the more consistent you will get. Always know you are going to have good days and bad days.

Just remember when you have a bad day if all you think of is the bad stuff it will not help you. If you evaluate the bad day, ask why was it bad, what is the solution to the problem and get out there to work on the solution then you have taken a bad day and made it a good one. Remember its the small steps that make a difference. 

Here are a couple of keys to really focus on that will help.

#1 –  Mechanical Keys To Focus On

  1. Early and easy rhythm with a solid athletic position with balance.
  2.  Explosive lower body with balance.
  3.  Stay loose and quick or relaxed.
  4.  Short to and long through the ball.

Reminder stay loose and quick (relaxed). This is one of the big ones in order so stay calm and enjoy hitting the the ball with positive results! 

#2 –  Mental Keys To Focus On

This is where you and every hitter on the planet needs to really work on.

  1.  Have a plan by knowing the pitch type (fastball).
  2.  Know the location and depth in the hitting zone you will be CRUSHING the ball a) mid/in b) mid/away or c) inner to outer half (gap to gap)… Pick ONE!
  3. Yes Yes Yes… No approach. I’ll wait and see if it’s a good pitch is the wrong approach, “KNOWING” the pitch and location before the ball is thrown is the right approach
  4. Deep breath, stay loose and quick! I know this is a repeat but this is a big one for you.
  5. Only swing at pitches you can drive! If two strikes, then know you are swinging at the big zone. Try foul off the tough pitches so you can hammer a mistake pitch.

 A final reminder to focus on the process. Any “results” thinking is the wrong mental approach. You need to focus on your job which is one ball at a time, getting  a good pitch to hit, accelerating the sweet spot of the bat through the ball. This is “process” thinking which is done outside the box and then trust yourself and let your ability take over when you get in the box… NO MECHANICAL THINKING! The better you get at this the higher your numbers (RBI’s, OBP, BA, SLUG, R etc.) will likely be. Hope this helps , print this tip and read it daily before your workouts.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me…….Good luck with the tip!


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